heavy duty hydraulic sliding door closer

BW-2000 Doorcloser

Introducing the BW-2000 door closer - the best door closer with hold open, power size EN 3/4/5 and automatic closing. This door closer is designed for maximum safety and convenience. The adjustable power level ensures it can be used on any size door, and the automatic door closer ensures the door closes securely every time. Buy BW-2000 door closers in bulk to enjoy high quality products at favorable prices.

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BW-1600 Doorcloser

The BW-1600 Door closer is a sophisticated door closer solution with power adjustment for easy installation. It is climate-resistant and reliable, providing a secure and adjustable closure for any door. The power adjustment feature allows for a customized fit, providing a secure, yet adjustable door closure. The BW-1600 Door closer is the perfect solution for any door.

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