Door closers are devices that are designed to automatically close doors after they have been opened. They are commonly used in commercial and public buildings, such as offices, schools, and hospitals, to ensure that doors are closed properly and securely. Door closers come in a variety of types and styles, each with its unique features and benefits.
The most common types of door closers include:
Surface-mounted door closers: These are the most common type of door closer and are mounted on the surface of the door and frame. They are easy to install and adjust and are suitable for most types of doors.
Concealed door closers: These are installed inside the door and frame, making them invisible from the outside. They are ideal for use in high-end buildings where aesthetics are important.
Floor-spring door closers: These are installed in the floor and are suitable for heavy doors or doors that need to be closed automatically.

WNS4 Doorcloser

The WNS4 Door closer is a pneumatic door closer made of aluminum tube, with a full 90-degree opening. It features adjustable closing speed control, allowing you to customize the speed for a perfect fit. This high-quality door closer is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, providing reliable performance and easy installation.

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WNS3 Doorcloser

Introducing the WNS3 Door closer, the perfect choice for any home or office. This pneumatic door closer is made of aluminum tube and features a "Touch-Hold" mechanism for easy opening and closing. Its "No pin" attachment of closer to door bracket ensures a full 90-degree opening. Get the WNS4 Door closer and enjoy a safe and secure closure every time.

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WNS2 Doorcloser

Introducing the WNS2 Door Closer! This full 90-degree opening door closer is made of aluminum tube with sizes 32φ x 230 mm or 32φ x 275 mm. It is suitable for medium-duty metal, wood or vinyl out-swinging doors. It is a standard pneumatic door closer for all your needs. With its superior quality and reliability, the WNS2 Door Closer is the perfect choice for your home or office! If you want to wholesale this door closer, you can enjoy the cheap price and high-quality door closer.

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WNS1 Doorcloser

WNS1 Door closer is an economy pneumatic door closer that is made of aluminum tube. It is an automatic and commercial door closer with a durable design that can be used in many different settings. It is easy to install and provides a secure closure for any door. This door closer is an ideal choice for any business or home.

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Pneumatic Door Closer System

Pneumatic Door Closer System is a pneumatic automatic door close system made of an aluminum tube. It is a light-duty pneumatic door closer that can be used for both residential and commercial applications. It is easy to install and provides a secure and reliable closure for a variety of door types. It is also corrosion-resistant and has adjustable closing and latching speeds. This door closer is a great choice for your home or business.

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BW-085 Doorcloser

BW-085 Door closer is perfect for closing doors securely and automatically. Our door closer factory provides the best service and professional technology, making it suitable for right-hand and left-hand opening doors. It is easy to install and maintain, and it is for sale at a reasonable price. Get the most reliable door closer with BW-085 Door closer today!

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BW-084 Doorcloser

BW-084 Door Closer is an ideal factory-grade door closer that is designed for behind-door installation. It is highly durable and can be easily adjusted for different door weights. With OEM service available, it is the perfect choice for your buildings. It is reliable and long-lasting, providing you with a secure and comfortable environment.

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BW-083 Doorcloser

BW-083 Door closer is the perfect solution for any door in need of an automatic closer. This door closer is easy to install and provides reliable performance to ensure the door closes securely every time. It is designed to fit behind the door and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. It is adjustable and made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and dependability. Buy the BW-083 Door closer and enjoy the convenience of an automatic door closer.

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BW-081S Doorcloser

BW-081R Door closer is an essential product for ensuring smooth closing and security of doors. It is suitable for various door types and weights, and is designed using advanced technology and rugged construction to provide adjustable speed and strength to prevent slamming doors. The BW-081R Door closer is easy to install and can adapt to various weather and frequency of use, providing reliable and durable performance.

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BW-081R Doorcloser

BW-081R is a top-notch door closer that can be effortlessly installed on a wide range of doors. Its mechanism guarantees seamless and noiseless operation, while also preventing the door from slamming shut, ensuring user convenience and safety. The adjustable power size and latching action make it a versatile option for different door types and sizes. Its robust build and elegant design make it a dependable solution for both commercial and residential settings.

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BW-080S Doorcloser

Our BW-080S door closer is a mechanical device installed on the door, which can automatically close the door. Using a door closer can ensure that the door is automatically closed every time it is opened to prevent the loss of indoor air, and it can also control the flow of vehicles and people. Our door closers contribute to the safety and comfort of buildings and are widely used in public spaces such as hospitals, commercial offices, airlines and schools.

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BW-080R Doorcloser

The BW-080R Door Closer is an efficient and durable solution for easy and secure door closure. This door closer features a power size EN 3/4 and an optional hold open function. It is designed to provide reliable performance and long-lasting use. With its adjustable closing and latching speeds, the BW-080R Door Closer is the perfect choice for any home or office.

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