metal spring door closer

Square Back Series

The Square Back Series door closer is a heavy-duty product designed to handle door weights from 25-45KG, 40-65KG, 60-85KG, and 100-150KG. Featuring a sleek, modern design, this product is perfect for any commercial or residential application. It's easy to install and provides reliable performance. With its adjustable power size, it's sure to provide a secure and durable closure for any door. The Square Back Series door closer is the perfect choice for any door.

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BW-084 Doorcloser

BW-084 Door Closer is an ideal factory-grade door closer that is designed for behind-door installation. It is highly durable and can be easily adjusted for different door weights. With OEM service available, it is the perfect choice for your buildings. It is reliable and long-lasting, providing you with a secure and comfortable environment.

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