spring loaded door closer hinge

BW-081R Doorcloser

BW-081R is a top-notch door closer that can be effortlessly installed on a wide range of doors. Its mechanism guarantees seamless and noiseless operation, while also preventing the door from slamming shut, ensuring user convenience and safety. The adjustable power size and latching action make it a versatile option for different door types and sizes. Its robust build and elegant design make it a dependable solution for both commercial and residential settings.

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Round Back Series

The Round Back Series door closer is the ideal option for both commercial and residential settings. This durable and adjustable closer is built to endure all weather conditions, providing dependable, prolonged performance. Its contemporary and stylish design adds an element of elegance to any environment. This versatile solution accommodates any door size and weight with adjustable tension and power, making it the perfect choice for all your door closer requirements.

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