torsion spring door closer

Ellipse Series

For commercial establishments, the Ellipse Series door closer is the ultimate solution. This long-lasting and easy-to-install door closer features an adjustable closing speed, providing superior control over the door's opening and closing movements. The door closer's rugged commercial-grade construction ensures durability, making it an excellent investment. With the Ellipse Series door closer, you can rest assured that your door will operate smoothly and efficiently while maintaining optimum security.

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BW-080R Doorcloser

The BW-080R Door Closer is an efficient and durable solution for easy and secure door closure. This door closer features a power size EN 3/4 and an optional hold open function. It is designed to provide reliable performance and long-lasting use. With its adjustable closing and latching speeds, the BW-080R Door Closer is the perfect choice for any home or office.

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